Greek Islands

Greek islands are simply beautiful. There are more than 120 islands in Greece and each is different from the other. Here are some of the islands worth visiting.



This is one of the main tourist destinations in Greece. It attracts families and honeymooning couples. It is the most expensive island in the Cyclades, but you cannot resist going there. It has quiet winding streets, beautiful beaches, small alleys lined with whitewashed houses overlooking a lovely harbor, great restaurants and exciting nightlife.



It is famous for its cliff-side homes which are painted blazing white with deep blue roofs. This is the perfect place to visit if you are looking for some romantic getaway. You will love the sunset at Oia and the lovely vineyards. It is also famous for its historical sites.



It is a popular destination for tourists. It is located in the Ionian island group in the western part of the country. It has white sandy beaches, stunning mountains and an active nightlife. It’s very crowded during the summer months. It is a popular stop for people going and coming from Italy.



It is located in the Cycladic Islands and near Santorini. It has the wildest nightlife out of all the Greek islands. There’s a lot to do on the islands if you don’t want to party. It is a beautiful island to visit.

All the Greek islands have something unique to offer. Read reviews online before deciding which Greek islands to visit.